Coolest Adam and Eve Couple Costume

This Adam and Eve Couple Costume took me approx. 40 hours to make. For Eve, first I bought nude color panties and bra. I sewed clear elastic for straps to add to the effect of wearing just leaves. I then hand sewed every leaf onto the garments with fake plants I found at the craft store in perfect order to lay just right. This was a pain in the butt because I had to take the garments off a million times to make sure the leaves (that I pinned first) were in the perfect spot. I then hot glued little purple flowers onto the costume and sprinkled with glitter. For my shoes I bought clear heels and hot glued leaves to them. I started the vine at the base of the heels and wrapped it up my body and tucked it into my bra. For the pumpkin, I paper mached a plastic orange pumpkin candy holder and spray painted it red and added red glitter for my “apple”.

For Adam, we actually had a man’s thong specially made with clear elastic sides (yes, he is a good sport!) Again, he had to spend lots of time standing still for me to arrange the leaves to fit his butt just perfect. For his top I found a woman’s vest at Wal Mart and cut it to my desired shape and covered it with leaves.

This costume was so much fun and got a HUGE response! It did however take 3 months in the gym to have the nerve to wear it out for Halloween in Vegas!

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