Coolest Homemade Eve Costume

It all started when I went to Spencer’s for a Halloween costume. I saw a cute Eve costume that was way too big, so I decided to make my own Homemade Eve Costume !

I took a jean skirt and folded it to form a “V.” I then sewed it down so that the front of my costume would come down at an angle. I took fake vine leaves bought from Hobby Lobby, cut them off the attached vine, and glued them onto the skirt with a hot-glue gun in no particular pattern. I also bought smaller, light-green leaves to line the top of the skirt and top of the bra.

I used an old bra and hot-glued leaves all over it as well. I made sure that the layer of leaves was thick enough to hide the material underneath. I bought another vine from Hobby Lobby that was thinner and had much smaller leaves and I tucked it into one side of my skirt, wrapped it around my stomach to my back, back around my neck and tucked the end of it into my bra.

I also bought a toy snake from the Dollar store and intertwined it with the vine. I accessorized with flower earrings and gladiator heels which I bought online.

The total cost of the costume was $35 and it took 7 hours to make. It was well worth it because everyone loved it and was impressed with my home-making skills! I’d say this was the best costume I’ve had.

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  1. This is such a cute yet sexy costume! :) Great job! I want to be Eve and my boyfriend Adam for Halloween, this costume is perfect! :D


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