Coolest Eve Costume

For this Eve Costume I started by finding garland of some sort of leaves at my local Hobby Lobby. Then I went in search for a nude body corset of some sort. I ended up getting a pair of nude boyshort underwear and nude sports-like bra from Wal-mart. I also purchased a fake apple from Hobby Lobby and used my friend’s hot glue gun.

We started with the shorts. We found it was easiest to pull the leaves off the strand and individually glue them onto the shorts. With one person wearing the shorts, the other person CAREFULLY glued the leaves on. This was a very long and tedious process. We did the same process for the sports bra.

With the left over string from the leaves I made a necklace by wrapping the strand around the apple and super gluing it into a hole we made. The super glue when dry looked like poison coming out of the apple and turned out really neat. I had left over garland and wrapped a piece around my ankle.

I worked on this Eve Costume for one night (4 hours) and an afternoon (3 hours) total.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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