Coolest Homemade Sexy Eve Costume

I wanted to be Eve for Halloween but I didn’t have an Adam at the time so I did Eve on her own (which was still a huge hit). The Homemade Sexy Eve Costume was very simple and inexpensive to make and I got a million compliments. I bought a pair of nude briefs (a size larger than I usually wear) and hot-glued fake leaves, ivory and flowers to them. I did the same with an old bra I had and wore it with clear straps. I also glued flowers and leaves to an old pair of sandals that I never wore anymore. I used a large rubber snake and an oversized apple as props. I also wrapped a strand of ivory and flowers in my hair as a crown of flowers.

Unfortunately since Halloween in Michigan is typically freezing I did wear nylons and a little jacket.

Homemade Sexy Eve Costume

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  1. This is so cute! I love that you incorporated a wreath of flowers on your head and the snake hugging your body! I can’t wait to try this. Absolutely creatively genius!


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