Cool Eve Homemade Costume

This Homemade Eve Costume was my latest idea for Unofficial Halloween this year. It was super easy to make and took little time. Here is what I used:

Black one piece monokini
Boy shorts
Hot glue
Gold ribbon
Red craft roses (I got a bundle for .99 cents)
Ivy leaves from the local craft store

I started off by taking off all the leaves off the vine. After that I started pinning the leaves onto the bathing suit until I felt it was full enough. I glued the leaf tips together so you wouldn’t see the bathing suit as much. For the boy shorts I just found it easier to hot glue them on so I knew for sure I wouldn’t lose any. After all of it was covered I added the little craft roses to give it some contrast. I also glued some leaves on a gold ribbon and let it run down my leg as if it were a vine. Also had to use tape to hold the ribbon in place.

Homemade Eve Costume