Coolest Homemade Fire Costume

Hello, my name is Laura, I’m a senior in high school, and I make crazy costumes for my school’s spirit week and for Halloween. This was for Caveman Day at my school, so I was fire.

The costume: Actually, this was one of the easiest costumes I have ever made, and certainly one of my favorites. All I did was find an old red turtleneck and a red pair of sweats pants I didn’t mind ruining. Then I bought LOTS of streamers in red, orange and yellow and red orange and yellow glitter streamers. From there, I cut strips of streamers in different sizes and used glue gun to glue streamers over every part of the pants and shirt.

My Hair: This was a fun part. I bought a dozen helium balloons the day of the costume. Then, I separated my hair into 12 different pieces. Next, I got a bit of help. Using rubber bands, I had my mom attach the tips of each hair group to the bottom of one of the balloons so that my hair floated up into the air! (Make sure you put on the costume before attaching the balloons.)

Finally, I painted my face with fiery colors and was done!

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8 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Fire Costume”

  1. Well Done – I’m certainly going to rip off your fantastic idea! You’re awesome… I was sooo stuck for an idea, but you’ve saved me! Thanks! Rachael from Australia!

  2. I am doing 12 costumes for our youth center end of the year party. I am making a fiery monster, a basilisk, an ogre, a snake man, and your idea for a fire monster. I surely wish you were around to give me ideas and to help in the construction. You are so gifted.

  3. Loved the idea, but taking it and making a ‘waterfall’ out of it. Not going to use balloons, but making a head dress of some fun fish, and shiny beads to look like bubbles. Will paint my hair blue, white and purple. Going to use blue, white and purple, and light blue streamers to create the waterfall itself.

  4. In the process of making this as I type. It is a lot more work than I originally thought but can wait to see the end result! I am going to a 10000lot BC party tomorrow hope I finish in time. Wish me luck!


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