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Coolest Earth, Wind and Fire Halloween Costume

Earth, Wind and Fire Costume

The whole idea for my son’s costume started from this creation that we saw online – we took a step farther. Trying to find something of interest for him was simple by adding Bugs to the equation. Then a play on the band Earth, Wind and Fire we stretched the idea into what you see here. How fun!

Earth: It started with a brown hooded sweatshirt that we took and using spray adhesive attached moss (from a local craft store). Then we added several creatures and bugs to enhance the idea of earth with a hot glue gun. My son’s hair was spiked and painted green. Using eye lash glue we then attached bugs on to his scalp and hair.

Wind: A simple fabric was used to make a wrap around skirt for my wife – then we took mesh like fabric than simply tied it on around her waist to offer some texture and give the appearance of wind blowing the skirt. Some silver make up to create an effect on her face, we then styled my wife’s hair back and painted it blue, silver and white. Accompanied with a some tights and a shirt to match the fabric, it pulled it all together.

Fire: By taking some old paints and an old shirt – we first took a hot glue gun and made “flame” designs on the paints and shirt. Then taking red, yellow, orange and black paint we just got creative and tried to add dimensions to the outfit. Spiking my hair up and using red and yellow hair paint to give the affect of fire. Flames were painted on my face to cap off the costume.

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