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Coolest Homemade Fire and Ice Costume

“Fire and Ice” plus a “snowflake”. I made this Homemade Fire and Ice Costume over a few weeks, with most pieces coming from Goodwill stores and the rest was art/craft supplies I already had.

“Fire” was A plain red dress that I painted flames coming from the bottom of the skirt-with yellow acrylic ceramic paint-and flames going up my neck and some on my face. I wore orange pantyhose with red fishnets over top (not pictured) and had an orange child’s wig that I pinned over my hair bun. I was wearing an orange sweater under the red dress in the picture. The dress showed a lot of cleavage so I took the sweater off later on and had flames painted all over. The red lipstick was the final touch. I had long red eyelashes to wear but I forgot them.

“Ice” Started with white slacks and a royal blue dress shirt. The shirt had white acrylic airbrushed on. The best part was the jacket, not pictured, which was inspired by Jack Frost. A tweed sport coat with shiny white paint covering most of the lapel to look like sheets of Ice. Blue and white Icicles painted coming off the shoulders.

The whole thing was then sprinkled with irredesent glitter(from Xmas crafts) His hair was sprayed back in spikes with “Got2bGlued” Hair freezing spray and covered with white hairspray. White and blue paint added to his lips and eyebrows. “Snowflake” was wearing a light blue sleeper. I had a foam snowflake from the Xmas aisle at dollar tree. I sewed a few wide white fabric straps to the back to allow easy removal, since Snowflake was only 3 months old.

Thank you and Enjoy.

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