Coolest Fire Costume

With the popularity of the Cirque de Soleil dance play, Varekai, and with one of its character’s costume, this year’s theme for my Trick or Treat costume will be focused on how to set fire with my imagination and with the interest of the audience. When I said, set fire, I really mean it… literally!

So, my mom decided that I will be wearing something different from the usual scary stuff. First, my hair was set like a volcanic eruption… dyed with red color and streaked with orange and yellow. The whole body, including my face, was painted with radiant red. After the base red, I was drawn with yellow and orange tongues of fire. My nails were taped with plastic toy nails. The toy nails actually look like that of a witch. Then, the nails were also painted red. I wore red cloth for my tops and red wrap-around skirt to match my body color.

All in all, this Homemade Fire Costume was really fiery! I made it until the finals!

Homemade Fire Costume

Homemade Fire Costume

Homemade Fire Costume

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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