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Great Homemade Group Costume Idea: The Four Elements

This was by far a great homemade group costume idea: The Four Elements, Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire and the funnest to make. We found a dress pattern that was suitable for all of us because we all used the same one; and we also found a cape pattern and sewed it to mach our colors. The crowns were found at the dollar store in the kids toy section, and we spray painted to match our outfits.

Our wands were made with a bamboo stick and a foam ball attached to the top, then we spray painted then decorated, however we wanted to match our element. We even sewed our own fingerless gloves with the left over material from the dress and a clutch purse/bag with the leftover material from the cape. So much fun to make and it was a huge hit! None of us were seamstresses but it was fairly easy to sew and considering we only wanted it to hold up for one night. It turned out great!

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