Coolest Earth, Wind and Fire Halloween Costume

Homemade Earth, Wind and Fire Costume

Earth, Wind and Fire Costume The whole idea for my son’s costume started from this creation that we saw online – we took a step farther. Trying to find something of interest for him was simple by adding Bugs to the equation. Then a play on the band Earth, Wind and Fire we stretched the … Read more

Coolest Homemade Fire and Ice Costume

Homemade Fire and Ice Costume

“Fire and Ice” plus a “snowflake”. I made this Homemade Fire and Ice Costume over a few weeks, with most pieces coming from Goodwill stores and the rest was art/craft supplies I already had. “Fire” was A plain red dress that I painted flames coming from the bottom of the skirt-with yellow acrylic ceramic paint-and … Read more

Coolest Homemade Fire Costume

Homemade Fire Costume

Hello, my name is Laura, I’m a senior in high school, and I make crazy costumes for my school’s spirit week and for Halloween. This was for Caveman Day at my school, so I was fire. The costume: Actually, this was one of the easiest costumes I have ever made, and certainly one of my … Read more

Coolest Fire Costume

Homemade Fire Costume

With the popularity of the Cirque de Soleil dance play, Varekai, and with one of its character’s costume, this year’s theme for my Trick or Treat costume will be focused on how to set fire with my imagination and with the interest of the audience. When I said, set fire, I really mean it… literally! … Read more

Coolest Homemade Campfire Costume

Homemade Campfire Costume

Here I am roasting marshmallows: Cardboard Foam (red, yellow, orange) Puffy Fabric Paint Foam soda can holders sticks red shirt brown pants sharpie Red and Orange Hair Paint Cut and paint cardboard to resemble logs Cut foam into flame shapes adding puffy paint for detail Use sharpie to draw log pattern on pants Paint foam … Read more