I tried a couple of ways to make this storm cloud costume. Our items used are mostly found around the house… Old chair cushion, old pillow, a bag of black and white spider web,old black winter hat, old glittery gold shirt and shiny blue material.

First  I wrapped a rocking chair cushion in white fluff material then surrounded in fluff out of a old pillow(may glue to keep in place). I took the spider webbing and wrapped  around the fluff and cushion To make look like a gray stormy cloud. My first idea was to attach to my boy’s back,but it kept fallen down on him and was hard to carry. So our second way we cut a hole directly in the middle of the cushion to place his head in it. His shoulders to be able to do some of the holding up of the cloud.

We then made lightening bolts with the gold shiny shirt and rain drops in the blue material to glue to the cloud and some to gray pants and black shirt under clothes. I glued white pillow fluff to an old hat and a lightening bolt to put on his head. I attached some blue streamers to bottom of the cushion for rain. After making Billy the storm cloud ,we made his older sister his lightening victim by burning some holes in some old clothes for where lightening struck her and made her look a mess with a broken umbrella and bruised up.

We joined in 2 local costume contests that he won most original in both. Everyone thought his costume was adorable and creative. He likes to win contests  with his costume but is not a very long lasting to keep on, because it is a bulky and itchy costume. I still need to reconstruct each time worn some cause cushion fluff stretches out when being walked around, but a unique costume.