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Coolest Homemade Dolly Parton Costume

Our Elementary School’s Accelerated Reader theme was Famous Tenneseans. My daughter, aged 6, decided she’d like a Homemade Dolly Parton Costume. We bought a blond curly wig from a Costume store and a hair net. I found a red turtleneck, added a red-fringed suede vest, long denim skirt, red fringed cowboy boots and a concho belt. Dolly loves make-up so I did her eyes, blush, signature red lipstick and a mole by her lip.

Dolly also loves flash. So we dug through my daughter’s dress-up jewelry and found a large fake diamond necklace and earrings for some bling. Since I am a modest size I had to borrow a friend’s DD cup bra. I blew up two balloons half-way and placed inside cups of bra. I had to pin the bra on my daughter so it would be tight enough to stay on.

Lastly, a child’s guitar was her prop. A microphone would also be a great prop. This was a hilarious costume for a young child. We got stopped several times for pictures at our local Halloween Block Party. She also won 2nd place in the costume contest in her age division.

Dolly Patron Costume

Dolly Patron Costume

Dolly Patron Costume

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