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Easy Country Music Stars Couple Costumes

At the time my husband and I wore this costume I had a major crush on Trace Adkins so my goal was to go on a date with him.  I transformed my husband into Trace first and mine was secondary.  It was easy to get the clothes, hat, and boots – borrowing from friends.  All I had to buy was some fake hair weaves to make a ponytail in the back (which you can’t see in the photo).

As for my Dolly Patton outfit – can you say thrift store!  You’ll find the best clothes there.  A friend of mine had the cool wig, and believe it or not, I had to use a couple of balloons to fill out my tube top.  Dressing as Dolly was the highlight of my year.  I felt like a true star and loved walking through the door with a handsome hunk of a cowboy. I don’t think we won the contest this year, but we had a great time in the process.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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