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Coolest Homemade Crayola Crayons Costumes

These Homemade Crayola Crayons Costumes were very inexpensive but fun, cute and easy costumes to create! We went to a local fabric store and bought about a yard each of whichever color we wanted to be and about two yards of black felt just to be safe.

We then took each color felt and sewed a small elastic band through the top of each dress to assure them staying up all night! Then we sewed up the back after measuring each girl. The black was very simple. The wavy lines at the top and bottom were just two straight lines approximately 3 inches thick with a wavy line cut through the middle. Then we separated them and used fabric glue to attach it to the colored felt.

For the Crayola part we traced the actual Crayola Logo from the computer onto a piece of paper where we then cut out the letters, making a stencil. Then take the black fabric leftover and make an oval large enough to fit the Crayola and for it to look proportionate to the outfit. Then we took the oval and used a piece of chalk to put the stencil on. We then cut out the Crayola. Then we glued the oval to the middle of the dress.

Finally we took simple paper party hats and glued some leftover felt to the hats! This costume was such a hit! And we only payed about 3 dollars a piece!

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