Basically I’ve loved the idea of Crayola costumes for about a year because I saw someone else do the same thing. I didn’t really plan on going ahead with the idea until a few weeks before my 18th birthday. I started to search the internet as you do and came across this website which gave me loads of fab ideas for a Crayola Group Costume but I just couldn’t find the material I was looking for and I knew a very clear picture of what I wanted in my head. So I searched the high street shops high and low to find the perfect materials to make the perfect outfit and I found this great craft shop that sells everything!

I worked out that if I used just plain cardboard boxes which were strong material and just cover them in coloured paper then that would do the job! So did this, wrapped the box into a circlular shape to go around the body when they were all covered and celllotaped the boxes together with double sided tape at the back. Once this was done I asked advice on how to get the crayola logo looking good. I brought some crayola crayons and the lady in the shop scanned the crayon in a scanner and enlarged the image to zoom in on the logo! Did this photocopied many copies and stuck those on the front with a matching colour back ground. Then to keep them on I brought some elastic from a material shop which was only cheap and cut little holes in the costume for them to stay in and knot into! Then everyobody had to wear the same colour underneath as the outfit. And away to go!

Sounds very complicated but so easy and SO effective. Had really good feedback and really enjoyed making them! Cheap to do and easy to make. Give it a go!