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Coolest Crayola Crayons Halloween Costume

Well it’s freshmen year of college, and it’s Halloween time. My friend and I didn’t want to be the typical nurse, French maid, or police officer that you generally see around college campuses at this time of year, so the costume brainstorming began. I was browsing some costume search engines when I came across Crayola Crayons. I tried out the idea on my friend and she agreed, Crayola Crayons Halloween costume that’s what we were going to be.

I Googled the costume and came up with some ideas for how we were going to complete it. After a run to Walmart, our materials consisted of:

Two red gas funnels
Two white standard size pillowcases
One can of yellow spray paint
One can of blue spray paint
One pouch of yellow fabric dye
One pouch of blue fabric dye
Fifteen sheets of black felt (fifteen was not nearly necessary, but I wanted to be safe)
One pack of StitchWitchery (an amazing creation which when placed between two layers of fabric with iron applied adheres the layers to one another)
Total money spent: $21, divided by two people: $10.50 each!

Our costume creation saga began on Thursday night before Halloween (I suggest you start your costume maybe just a bit earlier then this, but we work best under pressure) We cut the bottoms, and then dyed our pillow cases, one yellow and one blue, and they turned out spectacularly. Friday night (again, punctuality is a good skill to have), we began by spray-painting our funnels. We borrowed a friends white spray paint to use as an undercoat to cover the red. Then we sprayed them blue and yellow, again turning out spectacularly.

We taped headbands to the inside of the funnels in order to make sure they would stay firm on our heads. Then it was onto the felt. We cut the pages of felt in to three strips, and then cut each strip in two, following the squiggly line of Crayola. We adhered them to the bottom and top of our pillowcases using StitchWitchery. Next, we cut out the Crayola logo and adhered that as well. With a little more time, StitchWitchery could have been used to hem the bottom of our cut pillowcases to avoid the eventual fraying which occurred, however we were running low on time.

All that was left was to add the necessary clothes items used from home, our shirts, stockings, and shoes. And there you have it, Crayola Crayons!

Our costumes were a big hit throughout the night. We got several questions as to where they were purchased, which we took as big complements. Perhaps the best remark was from a worker in our college dining hall who said, “Those are the cutest and classiest costumes I’ve seen all night!” He hit the nail right on the head, exactly what we were going for!

Crayola Crayons Costume

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13 thoughts on “Coolest Crayola Crayons Halloween Costume”

  1. hi, so this year we are dressing up as crayons. we took your ideas, I hope that’s okay.
    we are a bunch of New Yorkers dressed from red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, and white.
    thanks SO much. you guys are amazing.
    you are both soo gorgeous and you are our role models.
    thanks so much.
    your pictures are so cute.
    your fellow crayons.


  2. Great Ideas! My colleagues and I were crayons too for Halloween at school one year. Being told at the last minute we had to dress up was not cool. Anyway, I pulled it off and every teacher on the floor was a different color crayon. What we did was use different colored table cloths (those cheap ones at the dollar store) and everyone wore a shirt that matched their table cloth color. All you do is wrap yourself in the cloth and tape down the back (you might have to cut the bottom if you are short). For the black lines we used electriacl tap and taped around it tope and bottom. Then we glued on the Crayola oval emblem. For the hats, I found white party hats (they already have the string so they stay on nicely) and then painted them to match the table cloth. All in all very cheap costume but it looked AWESOME and not a lot of work either.

  3. Wait, so how did they stay up? Did you just fit them perfectly? Haha, it would really help if you let me know because me and my friends plan on doing this too

  4. Thanks so much for this idea!! My daughter wanted to be a crayon this year and I wasn’t sure how I was going to do this without spending a lot of money or sewing (which I don’t like to do)….I had this made in just a few hours (the dye taking the longest) and she was so happy with it and it came out so cute!! THANKS for this idea! She is going to be a green crayon and loves it!

  5. I was hoping to find a crayon costume in a store or something, but this’ll work out great. Thanks so much for the idea. ME and my buds are definitely doing this for Halloween. (They don’t sell good ketchup/mustard costumes, lol)

  6. Oh my gosh! So there’s less than a week until Halloween and me and my two besties are thinking what the heck should we be??? We thought about fairies or cartoon characters but we couldn’t find group costumes that weren’t under 60 bucks. I was just randomly searching homemade Halloween costumes and iI saw your picture! I was immediately like “woah that is sweet!” so we are going out tomorrow to get the color dye and we are starting the costumes tomorrow night! Thanks so much, you guys saved our Halloween!

  7. Haha I read the comment above about my friend and she also really wanted to be katchup for halloween but instead me her and my other friend are being these crayola crayons! They are SO hott, and you guys are so smart! We had just a little bit of trouble with having them stay up and stuff, but we just added black straps because our shirts were black. :D

  8. This year I had decided to go with a homemade costume. This one sounds really promising, and in both photos looks awesome! I’m really hoping I can pull it off just as well as you guys did. This project is going to be so fun, and I’m hoping that I can match with my best friend. A lot of costumes these days are very showy, and this one is great because I can wear a shirt underneath, and leggings.

  9. me and five other friends are being crayons for Halloween too.(:

    me: purple
    ryann: green
    kailey: orange
    sarah: blue.

    idk what my other friends are being. i love this idea cause there isn’t a lot of Halloween costumes that a group of people can be, that’s why i love it. thanks for the idea. also, instead of using funnels for the crayon tips you can just use colored party hats or if you are VERY cheap you can just roll up colored construction paper. thanks so much. you gals look great!!!!!!!:)

  10. These are the coolest costumes ever! I got a group of my friends, and made these costumes! We added a little spin to it, and they turned out great! Everybody LOVED Them! AMAZING costume, which took no time at all, VERY low price, and turned out AWESOME!


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