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Best Ever Crayola Crayons and their Box Costume

We made the girls these homemade crayola crayons and their box costume with felt, black paint metal clothes hangers, and party hats. The box we painted and Velcroed in the back so they could come out of it. These costumes took us a few days to do, especially the paint part!!! We were very proud of the way it turned out.

Some people wanted us to try to submit it to crayola, but didn’t know how, so I did the next best thing!!! I have thought seriously about putting them on eBay! The girls absolutely loved it, and so did everybody else, they won the costume contest in their grade. It takes a lot longer to do a homemade costume like this than to do store bought, but it turned out so good, and it was worth the time!!! It was fun to make and different!!!

Now we are on to this Halloween trying to figure out what to do for their costumes, and for two of their brothers who are in Kindergarten!!! GOOD LUCK to anybody who tries to make these, it’s really not hard!!!

Crayola Crayons and their Box Costume

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  1. How did you make these? We are doing similar costumes for a church play. Please let us know if you can. Thanks!


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