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Coolest Crayola Crayons Group Costume

This Crayola Crayons Group Costume was much fun, especially for college-aged girls! We partied in Madison, WI for Halloween 2010 and needed something unique that would also stand out so we could find each other and stick together.

First, we each picked our favorite color and got that organized, the more people/colors, the better. We then hit up Michael’s craft store for their variety of duct tape. We each got 2 rolls, and also some black to do the logo, and also some party hats and saran wrap.

Before wrapping up, we cut out the crayola logos so that we could have them ready to stick on when we were finished. Then we each wrapped a party hat with our selected color tape. Then we took turns doing the duty of wrapping (make sure to leave PLENTY of preparation time in case you screw up, or just to make it perfect). First, we were saran-wrapped the length of what we’d want our crayons to be. Some girls wore tiny dresses underneath, some wore just undergarments, whatever is most comfortable for you! We then started with the duct tape. Once the rolling got started, it was easy to see where mistakes might be, so they were easily correctable and also preventable for the later costumes.

Finally, we did our make-up, hair, and partied the rest of the night :) hope this helps!

PS…when wrapping, make sure to NOT have your legs close together or closed so that you have room to walk, and use the ladies’ room!

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