This Sassy Crayons group costume was my friends and my costume 4 years ago. (I’m Razzmatazz)

We started by finding a simple jumper dress pattern. My friend Ashley’s mom was the seamstress. We selected 4 different colors that related closest to the big box of crayons. I then took a crayon, and free handed a Crayon logo onto cardboard, cut it out, traced it into each dress, and fabric painted for hours!! Then traced the wavy lines across the top and bottom. The colors were actual crayola ones. Shamrock, Razzmatazz, Dandelion, and Cerulean. I painted those names up the back left side, just like a crayon! And of course the trademark symbol. Then my mom took party hats, and foam paper for the structure of the hat. Once covered in fabric, she used a lot of hot glue and eventually stuck em to headbands.

We all wore black heels and tights. We actually lost costume contests because people thought we bought em! I was so mad, and two years later, you actually CAN buy them now. Bummer!! I still love ours though, because they took hours and we had a blast!