This  Crayon girls group costume was half homemade.  Our 12 and 13 year old LUNATICS softball team played a Halloween tournament dressed as “Lunatics” brand crayons.  The T-shirts were printed by a local printer, and the hats are dollar store birthday hats spray painted, or in a couple of cases, covered with colored duct tape to match the shirts.  Each girl had a different Halloween-themed color name on the backs, like “pink eye,” “agent orange,” “teal terror,” etc.  They cost $9 each to print fronts and backs.

The crayon box was made from 3 large pieces of cardboard from a parent’s business remodel (they went between stacks of doors to keep them from scratching I guess.)  They were duct taped together and then painted with house paint – we bought the $3 sample sizes in gold and green.  The images were made on Powerpoint and blown up, printed in color, and glued on.  There is a rope taped around the inside of the box so the girls could pick the box up together and walk around in it.

The team took last place in the tournament, but won the best costumes contest!