My daughter, Mycca (Micah), couldn’t decide what to be for Halloween, but is a very creative little girl who loves to paint, color, all of that artsy stuff. We saw the idea of being a girls Halloween Crayola Crayon costume for Halloween. I make all of their costumes every year and thought this would be PERFECT for her.

Naturally, she would be a pink crayon, of course! We came up with the color name, and here she is as Little Miss Poppin’ Pink Crayola Crayon! Super cute if I do say so myself! The first time she wore the costume was in her dance class, and she was one of the new students in the class. Mycca tends to be shy at first, but after wearing this costume, all the girls just ooh’d and ah’d and loved her costume so much! She was besties with all the dance girls by the end of the class!