On the 19th of September 2008 a group of friends wore the homemade Crayola crayons costumes to a 21st fancy dress birthday party! Our crayons now have the number one group for ‘Crayola Crayons costumes’ on Facebook, with messages regularly asking ‘how can we make one ourselves!’

The Crayons featured are: Orange – Robert Whyte. Blue – Robert Jackson. Pink – Laura Franklin. Gold – Rebecca Doyle. Silver – Jennifer Keates. Dark Green – Lee Randle. Light Green – Andy Long. Black – Dave Burt. Purple – Danielle Clayton. Red – Mike Burnett.

Step by step how to make!
• Buy a massive sheet of cardboard (available at the range)
• Cut out a stencil of the crayola logo and colour it in with marker pen on the front.
• Draw the squiggle lines along the top and bottom
• Buy some black elastic for shoulder straps (from a market, or cheap pound shop)
• The hat, draw and cut out a large circle, slice down the middle and fold the hat inwards, so it makes a cone shape, the elastic again to fasten.
• And of course the face-paints!
• A stapler is essential too!