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Coolest Crayola Crayon Box Costume

My little sister wanted to be a box of Crayola crayons for Halloween but the challenge was making the costume something that was realistic yet light and maneuverable; I didn’t want her wearing a stiff cardboard box. To do that, I bought four pieces of yellow poster board (22 x 28 inches) to create the front, back and sides of the box from my local dollar store.

On the first poster, I painted the Crayola logo, the trademark green stripes, and other details the Crayola box has. Underneath the Crayola logo, I cut out a smiley shape to insert the preview of the crayons inside. I used colored paper to make six different tiny paper crayons and taped them from the back to fill the area I just cut out and added white paper behind it to cover the gaps.

For the back, I used pieces of white poster board to create the list of colors, ‘safety information’, and a proof of purchase bar code as well. Then I bought two pieces of yellow foam poster board to make the front and sides sturdy and glued the front side of the yellow poster board to one foam board and the back side to another foam board.

To create the sides, I took the third and fourth yellow poster boards and taped them on each side to conjoin the front and back of the crayon box in order to give it the box shape but keep it light enough that it could bend to the sides when she turned left or right. I cut out large squared arm holes so she had enough room to put out her arms.

For the inside, I took a variety of different colored poster boards, rolled them up, added the trademark Crayola squiggles, and a little crayon top to make it look like crayons popping out of the box. Then I just cut out two pieces of long white ribbon and made a hole through the foam part of the board so she could have straps on her shoulders.

For the finishing touch, I dressed her in a solid colored shirt and made her a matching Crayola hat that I simply tied with string around her chin and there was her light yet realistic looking Crayola box! It only cost me about $6 dollars (each poster board was about $0.50) in total.

Coolest Crayola Crayon Box Costume - Back of the Crayola Box

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