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Coolest Crayons Costume

Me and eight of my girfriends decided on a Homemade Crayons Costume for Halloween. We each chose the color we wanted to be. I actually made all of the costumes for the girls as well as acquired all of the accessories. I got plain white long tank dresses and dyed them. Then I used felt to design the actual crayon. We each chose our own crayon color name and I wrote it on the side of each. Everything we wore coordinated to our color; wig, makeup, eyelashes, jewelry, stockings, shoes…you name it!

I also made little purses out of 64ct crayola boxes with a peice of colored felt inside and ribbon as the holder. I had to use all of those crayons for something so I made crayon bracelets, gluing the crayons around a piece of felt and attaching it together with Velcro. Even the girls that smoke cigarettes make a cigarette pack out of a crayon box.

Sadly, I did not have time to make a giant crayon box that we could take a picture in, but we did get some great pictures! Every girl totally rocked their color!

Homemade Crayons Costume

Homemade Crayons Costume

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