I got the bright idea of a Crayola crayons Halloween costume. My friends and I could get as many people together as we wanted or just rock the costumes ourselves! Had so much fun with my best friends/roommate in these costumes and got SO many compliments! The perfect costume for all ages and sizes!

After a much too long trip to Walmart we found materials;

1) Felt for the body of the crayon (color of your choice!) & for the hat
2) Black thin fabric for the “crayola” logo
3) thick black ribbon for the stripes on the top and bottom
4) A basic party hat covered in the same felt your costume is made of
5) Velcro strip to connect the fabric on the side
*optional – it gets chilly up in Boone, NC so we wore black leggings under the costume

Basically, get the measurements of your soon-to-be crayon and cut the felt to the appropriate size. I hand drew a stencil for the “Crayola” and cut all the pieces at once for a more uniform look. (This took a while, be patient). Hot glue the “Crayola” logo and the black ribbon to the felt as seen in the picture.

Cover the party hat with the felt color. Cut the Velcro strip into smaller pieces (it’s easier to make a more form fitting costume). The Velcro can be self-adhering but we found it more promising to stay on if we hot glued the Velcro as well. Place the Velcro in the appropriate places!

Add some black tennis shoes for comfort (or heels for style, ladies) and TA-DA!