Coolest Crayola Crayons Costume

I got the bright idea of a Crayola crayons Halloween costume. My friends and I could get as many people together as we wanted or just rock the costumes ourselves! Had so much fun with my best friends/roommate in these costumes and got SO many compliments! The perfect costume for all ages and sizes!

After a much too long trip to Walmart we found materials;

1) Felt for the body of the crayon (color of your choice!) & for the hat
2) Black thin fabric for the “crayola” logo
3) thick black ribbon for the stripes on the top and bottom
4) A basic party hat covered in the same felt your costume is made of
5) Velcro strip to connect the fabric on the side
*optional – it gets chilly up in Boone, NC so we wore black leggings under the costume

Basically, get the measurements of your soon-to-be crayon and cut the felt to the appropriate size. I hand drew a stencil for the “Crayola” and cut all the pieces at once for a more uniform look. (This took a while, be patient). Hot glue the “Crayola” logo and the black ribbon to the felt as seen in the picture.

Cover the party hat with the felt color. Cut the Velcro strip into smaller pieces (it’s easier to make a more form fitting costume). The Velcro can be self-adhering but we found it more promising to stay on if we hot glued the Velcro as well. Place the Velcro in the appropriate places!

Add some black tennis shoes for comfort (or heels for style, ladies) and TA-DA!

27 thoughts on “Coolest Crayola Crayons Costume”

  1. OMG, you guys look so amazing. Me and my friends were thinking about the whole mustard and ketchup, salt and pepper, or a fork and a spoon because when you try to do too many people in a group you can tell it is homemade. But yours is amazing. now all my friends can get together for halloween and yet we will all be different due to the different colors. can’t wait for halloween this year. it is going to be the best when we go to the halloween dance. omg! can’t wait! thanks guys. i’ll upload a picture when our outfits are done!!! C YA!

  2. I LOVE YOUR COSTUMES! OMG THEY ARE AWESOME! Me and my friend love the idea. We are totally going to do that for Halloween this year! Thanks for the awesome idea.

  3. Awesome title right! I love the outfit, it is totally my kinda costume. My real names is not Cindy Sue though! I just wanted to say that this is so totally going to help my costume this year! hope you girls rocked that Halloween! how much was the costume? I’m so excited

  4. hey how much did it cost in total after you bought material in all?? and me and my friends are gonna get a little black throw material to put over our shoulders… its uh-may-zing, thanks for the idea.

  5. such cool costumes. My friends and I liked it so much we did it! We went 2 a fabric places today and they turned out great

  6. that’s cool. Me and my friend are being Dorothy and Little Red Riding Hood, but first we were going to be like goth/ hot topic like chicks

  7. my color guard is doing this as our band is going to a football game in costume! this is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!!

  8. hi i love your costumes! i’m doing that this year, only i didn’t make it out of fabric. that would have been the smart idea…i used this poster board thing. the sides are riveted together, and i painted the boards and made a hat and just got green stuff to wear underneath. (that’s the color i am)
    yours looks great, it’s really cool.

  9. This is what my friend did for Halloween this year. She and this other girl got together and made these really cute M&M costumes out of regular blue and green tunic shirts. They had the eyes and everything! all the little stuff on it (eyes, mouth, and logo) were black felt they were socute and everyone loved them!! :)

  10. I LOVE this idea I was only gonna do this with 2 of my friends but now I could add all of the friends I would ever want thank you guys so for the awesome idea! :)

    p.s. how much did all of this cost??

  11. Each costume cost us about $25.00 to make (including the leggings). I had the hot glue gun and some spare Velcro lying around fortunately, but you can get those for a relatively cheap price at a craft store or Wal-Mart. The fabric costs really depend on where you get it from. The leggings are optional but we got ours from K-Mart for around $10.00!
    Hope everyone’s costumes turned out well!

  12. what if you get cold really easily? and u want to put something over your shoulders? but i love the costumes!

  13. In response to the last one, You can probably just wear a black long sleeve shirt underneath. But also, I really love this costume! Me and my friend are going to be crayons but we were planing on sewing and i guess we don’t have to! THANKS!

  14. For me, its easier to just do with poster board, and just color on the crayola. Oh and should add the color “Tickle Me Pink” or “Forest Green”. For the hats, just put poster board over a party hat. Hope this makes easier. But still love your guys costume. It looks cooler, just to harder. Love from the Czechlaslavalkian gal learning English!

  15. wowzerrrss! you girls get a gold start for creativity! this is so awesome. We are def doing this now. The helpful tips on how to make it was a huge stress reliever. Cant wait to get started on our costumes. Now we don’t have to be pussy cats anymore. MEOW!

  16. haha, yall are the awesomest crayons i have ever seen. yall have inspired me to be a crayon for Halloween this year, no joke. An awesome blue crayon! thanks :)

  17. the crayola crayon costumes are so COOL(: i think me and my friends are goin to be them for halloween!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks for giving us an amazing idea….

  18. Love this idea! I will be making this crayon costume :)… I work at a craft store so this is a perfect Halloween costume!! Can’t wait to wear mine at work! Thanks for the wonderful idea!!

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