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Coolest Crayola Crayons Halloween Costumes

My daughters and their friends wanted to wear costumes that went together so we all came up the idea of them being different colored crayons.

For their Crayola Crayons Halloween Costumes they each picked out a different colored felt for their crayon. I cut a tall thin rectangle out of each color long enough to cover their back and front. I then folded it so the fold was at their shoulders. I then sewed up the sides being sure to leave enough room for their arms to come through. I added the wavy stripes with black felt. I did make a stencil out of thick paper to keep the stripes consistent.

All of the lettering is done with black craft foam cut with an Ellison die cutter. You could also use a Sizzix machine. All that was left to do was cut a slit at the fold for their heads to come through.

For the hats, I simply covered a birthday party hat with some matching felt. We did use bobby pins instead of the elastic string to keep the hats on their heads.

They all loved them and received many compliments!

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