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Coolest Homemade Addams Family Costume

This is our Homemade Addams Family Costume for Halloween. My husband was Gomez – we got him a dark suit, red tie and big fat cigar. He has a mustache drawn on with an eyeliner. I was Morticia, I wore a long black wig and long black dress.

My son was Uncle Fester. We bought a bald wig and put white stage makeup on his face with dark around his eyes. He wore a brown smock with a rope as a belt. My daughter we dressed up as Wednesday. She wore a black shirt and skirt from her closet. I cut out a bow from white felt and pinned it to her neck, and also pinned white felt around her wrists. She had braids and also white face with dark circles.

The cutest was our little cousin ITT. We took long pieces of different shades of yarn and cut them to be floor length for him. Then we put Velcro inside of a black hat and velcroed the pieces of yarn inside the hat, so when he put the hat on his “hair” went over his face. I bought some of those little circle glasses to wear over the yarn. He also had a long black cape under the yarn hair. You can’t see it very well in the picture.

Everyone loved and it would work well for a bigger family too!

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