My housemates and I go to the University of Winchester in the UK and our SU has themed nights most Fridays which we almost always go to and we always try to be original with our costumes and make them ourselves because it is often a lot cheaper and its fun! The theme this week was Harry Potter and we didn’t just want to go as a witch or wizard- that’s not our style, we love to be different! Then my housemate Amy had a brilliant unique idea- to go in Harry Potter Golden Snitch Costumes!

To make these costumes we bought some really cheap gold material from our local fabric shop and made different outfits so that each of us was a bit different. They were really simply made, we just cut out the fabric in the same shape as dresses we already had or just wrapped it around us and tied it! We then bought gold body/face paint and covered ourselves in it, put on some fairy wings that we had sprayed gold with golden hair spray then smothered ourselves in glitter hair spray.

To finish it off we all wore golden shoes and back combed our hair. We loved being Snitches and everyone else seemed to love it too!