Now this is a SNITCH-UATION!

Made for the Harry Potter Premier, definitely created a stir! We were stuck in the city for an hour with tourists and fans coming up and taking photos! This Harry Potter Golden Snitch Costume is super fun to make, very straight forward, and 100% worth it!

All you need:

– Large Beach ball
– Glue
– Newspaper
– Water
– Bucket
– Scissors
– Masking tape
– Safety Pins
– Sparkly Material
– Heater (optional)

So it’s pretty time consuming, and took roughly a week to make in total.

All you need to do is blow up the beach ball, and place it on the bucket to hold it stable. Now, here’s the fun and messy part! Paper mache the entire ball, trying to keep the layers even. This is where the heater may come in handy, we used it to dry the paper quicker while we were working on it. The thicker the mache is, the stronger the ball will be. After you think you’ve completed enough layers, let it sit for a day or so to ensure the entire ball is completely set.
When we made this costume, We did a couple of layers over a few days to ensure that it was thick and strong.

After the ball is set, cut the ball in half so it’s easier to take on and off, it also keeps it the round appearance. Next, cut small indentations in the sides of each half, enough to fit your neck, arms and lower body. Keep putting the costume on your body to ensure it’s the right size.

Now this part is a bit tricky! cover each half in material, fastening it to the ball using the tape. The tape is strong enough to hold it in, and won’t be seen by the outside. So it can be as messy as needed. It takes a bit of fiddling to get it right. If it is too difficult to wrap in material, another option is to cover the entire thing in gold spray paint. Though since it’s being covered in newspaper, it takes a long time to dry and to completely cover the ball and can be very messy!

On each half, just below above the shoulder, and below the armpit, put a small hole, and threading a small length of material on each side. This will be used to tie each half together, and allow it to be put on and taken off easily.

To finish off, cut two triangular lengths of see-through sparkly material for the snitch wings. and safety pin the to a shirt to wear underneath (otherwise, use elastic to wrap around your wrist to hold the wing in shape. I added an extra little something, by painting yellow swirls on my face.

Suit up and you’re ready to play Quidditch!

This costume always creates a storm so get your model faces ready because I can guarantee people will be waiting to take pictures of you!

Go Go Gryffindor!