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Amazing Pregnant Couples Harry Potter Seeker and Snitch Costume

Last year, my wife decided she wanted to be a surrogate for another couple, little did we know that on top of the fantastic journey it’s been, we would end up with an incredible costume for Halloween.

We’re both huge Harry Potter nerds, so when she came up with the idea to use her pregnant belly as the golden snitch, we knew we had to do it. Obviously, the only choice for me is to be Harry Potter as the Seeker. Since there are no adult Quidditch costumes, my wife set about transforming an old graduation robe into the new outfits they wear in the later movies with her sewing machine. After we spray-painted soccer shin guards, made a broom and bought the iconic glasses, I was set!

The snitch was relatively easy, just a hollowed out Styrofoam orb that was spray painted gold. Gold string and wings from another costume gave it the iconic movie snitch look and she was ready to go. We had fun with the picture too, and were thrilled with how it turned out. We may go as this again next year!

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