I have never hated tape so much that this day. My six roommates and myself decided we wanted something cute for Halloween but something clever as well. The deck of cards has been done over and over again, but not quite like this. We recommend going out shopping sooner than 2 days before Halloween because this costume idea required a whole of duct tape that seemed to be sold out virtually everywhere.

What we did was bought roughly 2 rolls of black, 2 rolls of red and nearly 8 rolls of white duct tape. We used the white tape as the base of the dress by covering our body’s in trash bags and continuing to wrap around our entire body until the dress took shape. To get the numbers and symbols on the dresses to represent a deck of cards we printed them off the internet, cut each one out and then covered them in our duct tape color so that the dress had the same material throughout. We simply used tape to stick the pieces on. Not only did we look amazing walking all together, we also won the party’s costume contest! We love this idea for college girls..its so cute! and fun!