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10+ Original Homemade Deck of Cards Costumes

Deal yourself a winning hand with these cool DIY costume ideas. These cards costumes are another proof that dressing up as an ordinary object can result in a fabulous costume!

Some homemade costumes here are exact replications of real cards. They are stunning with amazingly realistic face makeup that will make you look twice. While other costumes are fun ideas which extrapolate on the card theme.

Now is your chance to be a member of the royal family. Fashion yourself a crown and call yourself a queen. Choose any suit you like. Even better, grab some friends and stand out as four of a kind.

The most incredible part are the instructions that these awesome costume makers have shared. When you learn how these were constructed, you will be inspired to get crafting on your own homemade costume.

So whether you go for a royal flush or a random shuffle, enjoy creating homemade cards costumes for Halloween this year!