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Coolest Homemade Queens Of The Deck Group Costume

To begin making our Homemade Queens Of The Deck Group Costume, one of our moms sewed the dresses (made out of broadcloth), sashes (princess satin) and a crinoline skirt to make our dresses poof out. We all cut out felt symbols and super glued them to the dresses on the front and back. We wore earrings made from a mini pack of cards and earring hooks. We also made scepters out of wooden sticks purchased from a craft store and glued our symbols and respective “Queen” card on the end.

We wore white fishnet stockings, crowns, elbow high gloves and red or black shoes depending on our card color. We decided to make our dresses and accessories all white to look like actual cards. We also glued the symbols on the bottom half of our dresses to look like actual cards with the symbols upside down and right side up.

Everyone loved our costumes and we felt like real Queens!

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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