I visited Las Vegas back in January. I thought why not make a casino my costume. I know that there are slot machine costumes and dealer table costumes but I thought no one has the whole casino. I have a working blackjack table, a working roulette table, a spinnable mini slot machine and I have video poker/video slots. Half the day I rotated the video screen between slots and the deuces wild poker.  I work at a school, so all of the kids and teachers LOVED it. I could not walk 5 feet before I was stopped so they can play the games on the table. I even gave an impromptu course on how to play blackjack.  I also made a hat with feathers and glued fiber optic wiring, cards and I handmade the card suits as well as most of the detailing in the costume.  Most of it was done with cardboard and glitter paper.  Other parts made from felt and glow in the dark fabric paint.  I made the light up frame around the screen myself using tubing and EL wiring.  It took about 4 weekends to complete, most of the time waiting for things to dry. . It wasn’t hard to complete at all because it is about 60% paper/cardboard. I built it around my iPad so it slides in and out. I built it so that you can sit it down and continue to enjoy it.

I used the following to complete the costume

  1. Cardboard was used for the base. I used two tops from ream boxes of paper.
  2. Felt, lots of colors
  3. Glitter crafting paper
  4. Mini Blackjack and Roulette tables.
  5. Ipad for my video screen (so that is also playable)
  6. Slot machine keychain that spins when you pull the lever
  7. Poster board light up stars
  8. EL wiring for the frame of the screen
  9. Various props (Poker chips, mini cards, mini chips, play gold coins.
  10. Backpack rack to hold everything up.
  11. Lots of duct tape and glue!!!!
  12. Scrolling name tag (for the progressive marquee)