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Fun and Easy Casino Slot Machine Costume

This flashy casino slot machine was a blast to put together. I was looking for something fun and unique that would catch everyone’s attention, and so it did. All you have to do is get a large box that and cut out the top and bottom for you to stand in. Spray the box with glitter spray paint, your choice of colors, but I selected gold, blue and red.  Continue to utilize the card board box top or bottom that you cut out to create your screen. To add lights to the top and the bottom of the screen, I poked holes in the top and the bottom to insert batter packed lights.

The lights were held into place by duck tape. Insert the lights into the screen first before duck taping the screen on to your spray painted box. For the coin dispenser I used a 14 inch box. I also inserted LED lights by poking holes in the box. I then used aluminum foil to cover the box for a nice silver glare and duck taped it on. Once you have these key components completed you can then use your imagination to design and complete. You will certainly be a stand out at the party and will receive tons of compliments.  I won best costume  at two Halloween parties.

Below is a detailed listing of items that I used which can be found at your local craft store and assembled on with hot glue.

  • Prefabricated glitter paper (glued to screen)
  • Blue ribbon and rhinestone number 7
  • in Bloom bead designs (jewels)
  • Empty paper towel roller to create slot lever puller (cover with prefabricated glitter paper)
  • Flashy red Christmas ornament to create lever puller
  • Play money and coins
  • Velcro to hold box on your shoulders
  • LED batter pack lights for slot machine screen, money dispenser and slot machine lever puller
  • Top hat can be found at a local party store (design and decorate to your liking.

Fun and Easy Casino Slot Machine Costume

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