And so we went to Vegas…. This costume was made for a local Halloween Party that was giving away a free trip to Las Vegas as the grand prize, so I thought what better way to win then to be Las Vegas so with Lady Luck by my side we took the grand prize.

The costume started out as a piece of plywood that I had cut into a horseshoe shape to make the base of the table, never using a saw before I had no idea what I was getting myself into! Now that the hard part was over I covered the plywood with green felt, added some straps and was ready to decorate my dealer table. Unfornately when I was trying the costume on I would only have it on for a minute or two to make sure it was sturdy, well it was sturdy all right but quite heavy as well so needless to say after walking around in it for a couple of hours I was ready for a chriopracter!

The top of the table consisted of gambling themed items from cards, dice, win a car, and Roulette along with some decorations such as two strobe lights and an ipod playing slot machine noises all night. Oh and I almost forgot the most important part of the table, the built in beverage holder for my beer of course!