Our daughter is very petite, so trying to find a fun and uniques costume that would fit her was nearly impossible so I HAD to make our own. We live in Las Vegas which gave us the inspiration for a Pint Sized Las Vegas Show Girl costume!

I purchase elastic and hot glued the ends together. I then tied on white sparkly pieces of tulle along with weaving/draping a teal feather boa all to go around her waist. I added gems to the front (belly) party of the “skirt”. I then took a wide piece of sequined elastic and hot glued the ends together to emulate a bustier. I added draped and single pieces of stringed gems to the bottom of said bustier and finally added ribbon to act as straps to help hold it up.

For the head piece, I took a craft foam visor: hot glued on mini dice (showing numbers of Berklee’s date of birth), then covered the remaining areas in glue followed by massive amounts of glitter. While that dried I hot glued white feathers to the back of the underneath of the visor. The leg warmers and bloomers were purchased.