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Coolest Homemade Las Vegas Showgirl Costume

My husband wanted to dress up like Elvis for Halloween and we were able to find a good costume for him online. However, I had to make my Las Vegas Showgirl Costume.

I started with a basic black bikini I picked up at Walmart for about $12. I then purchased a couple of packages of tiny red bows with white seed pearls in the middle from my local fabric store. While wearing the bathing suit, I pinned these all over until they looked just right, then sewed them on by hand. From the same fabric store I also bought chain by the yard, which I sewed onto the front of the suit by first sewing a link under each armpit and then dividing the rest in half and sewing the middle link to the middle of the suit. I made the lengths a little longer as I went down. This looks like what a lot of the real showgirls have on the front of their costumes. You could also do this with lengths of beads.

I bought 2” black elasticized sequin banding by the yard, which I fashioned into a belt of sorts, with a Velcro closure in front. Then I took alternating red and black boas, folded them in half and sewed them onto the belt in back to cover my rear end. I also made a neck band with the same banding and added a bow to it as well. I bought basic long black gloves, added some bows to these too, added a black sequined band at the top of each glove, some glittery bracelets and a huge fake diamond ring.

I bought my shoes at a local lingerie store and the headpiece on line…I couldn’t figure out how to make the headpiece and I wanted it to look really good, so I chose the buy that, but it looks great with the costume!

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