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Coolest Sexy Peacock Showgirl Costume

This year I decided that I wanted a Homemade Sexy Peacock Showgirl Costume. I bought the 35”-40” peacock feathers from save-on-crafts.com (I found that this website was the most reasonably priced). I purchased 300 feathers, but I probably used half of those to make the tail. I got a thicker black poster board and hot glued all of the feathers onto it, arranging and cutting as I went. I did not want to ruin my body suit that I wore, so I decided to hot glue a black piece of fabric around the feathers and poster board, and then I safety pinned it to the body suit.

I bought a one piece body suit from Macy’s and decided to “bedazzle” it. I bought 3mm, 4mm, and 5mm iridescent rhinestones and attached them with a hot set tool. For the cups of the body suit, I only used 4mm rhinestones and on the rest of the body suit I used all three sizes. It took me 15-20 hours to attach all of the rhinestones, and I probably used about 3,000 of them. I then paired it with skin colored fishnet tights, a feather headband, and gold glitter high heels.

This was a very time consuming project, but I could have not been happier with the results and I got countless compliments!

Homemade Sexy Peacock Showgirl Costume

Homemade Sexy Peacock Showgirl Costume

Homemade Sexy Peacock Showgirl Costume

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