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Coolest Homemade Lady Luck Halloween Costume Idea

I have to admit this Homemade Lady Luck Halloween Costume Idea was a lot of fun to make. We started with a used dance recital costume, found at our local thrift store. We also purchased a pair of silver low heeled (for comfort) dress shoes, we added a rhinestone broach to the tops with a glue gun for extra sparkle. For warmth she wore a pair of white tights. We found a beaded waste band at the thrift store also, which we transformed into a gorgeous neck piece, by wrapping it around her neck twice rather than her waste once.

Her headpiece is made of 6 feather fans that can be found at your local craft store. I attached each fan piece individually with a glue gun for the first 3 layers than attached the remaining fans as a whole with glue gun as well. I added sparkly peacock feathers to the front of the headpiece and elastic sequence banding was used along the bottom so it would fit in a way that was both stable yet comfortable over her head/blond wig.

The casino table is made of 2 inch foam that I cut a half circle out of 3/4 of the way back for her to step into. I added wooden dowels inside the foam and glued cardboard to the bottom for added stability, then I glued green fabric over the foam to match an actual dealers table. We included cool items like play money , dice, poker chips, playing cards, and a working roulette wheel to the table all simply using a glue gun. Green table skirting was also added to the front of the table and yes I used a glue gun! There will be approximately 4 inches of foam on the back side of the table that we tied 12 feather boas (white and peacock blue) to create the backside of the Vegas girl costume.

Lastly we covered a pair of suspenders with the remaining sequence elastic banding and attach them to the casino table to hold it up. Little touches that we also included were long white gloves and rhinestone jewelery. All making this a head turning costume we will never forget!

Homemade Lady Luck Halloween Costume Idea

Homemade Lady Luck Halloween Costume Idea

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