This Baby Black Jack Dealer Stroller Costume is a good costume that will allow you to incorporate your stroller. Use sturdy cardboard to make black jack table. Green felt, white paint marker for the details, plastic poker chips and cards that you can glue to the felt so your little one can’t pull it off.

We picked up a little tuxedo type outfit at a consignment store and made the green visor with some green foam from the craft store. You can cover the base with a black cloth to cover the stroller part (which will also make it look like a table).

All of these items can be purchased from your local craft store, consignment store. Here’s what you need:

-Black cloth
-sturdy cardboard
-green felt
-poker chips
-flashy suit for the dealer
-visor (optional)
-white paint marker
-zip ties to attach to the stroller

Shuffle up and deal!