I got the idea to make this working Slot Machine costume while on a bus-trip to a nearby casino.  The costume is made, excluding lighting and electronics, of mostly thick cardboard and hot-glue (glue sticks).

The wheels, the important part of the “Working” slot machine are styrofoam discs with CD’s glued to the side, mounted on a 12v motor each.  On the CD is glued a razor-blade used as a steel bar to stop the wheel electro-magnetically.  Each Disc has an electro magnet and an electrical contact that cause the wheel to stop on the spot that shows “Seven”.  Once all three wheels have stopped, the electrical connection is made and the machine “Pays Out”.  The pay out is Gold confetti (not really visible in the  video or pictures), and gold chocolate coins deposited into the money-tray.

The lighting in this costume all cost less than $100, and was ordered from eBay.  The electronics that make the sound effects, lighting, and pay-out consisted of 6 Relays, a number of diodes and 4 switches.  It also included the lighting controllers that came with the light strips.

To make the costume shine, I covered it in sparkly craft foam and foam stars I got at a craft store, and made sure every surface had its own lighting.

The costume was powered by a 12VDC battery that came out of a computer UPS. The battery weighed 12lbs, and the costume about 20.  I was pretty sore the next day from standing around in it!

Video –