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Coolest Slot Machine Costume

I was trying to think of a costume I could use many small lights in to really punch up a costume and what has more crazy lights then a slot machine?

The framework (box) of the Slot Machine Costume was hand cut from reflective foam insulation board (the kind for houses, no fiberglass)and taped together with reflective crome tape. I found some images online of slot machines and printed them out on the color plotter here at work (shhhhh)the “reels” area was laminated with clear sticky shelf paper stuff and set against a hole cut in the box backlit by three LED “tap lights” on a foam shelf.

I used two strings of multi-colored LED “rice” lights to line the front perimeter or the box from the inside through small holes and two LED blinking toys (from dollar store, hard to explain them but they were awesome) to make the shoulder lights.

A black long sleeve shirt with one arm painted silver and black gloves finished it off.

Oddly enough, the campground we always go to for their Halloween weekend lost power soon after dark for an hour and she was the blinking beacon of the streets.

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  1. i’m being a slot machine also but instead of an ‘insert coin here’ sign it’s going to say ‘insert candy here’, making a slot and staple a bag inside


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