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Cool DIY Queen of Hearts and King of Spades Couple Costume

My husband and I always bought Halloween costumes in the previous years. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we had the time to work on a costume and we chose to make a Queen of Hearts and King of Spades couple Costume.

Also I just recently started my YouTube journey (Arthi’s Life) and we thought what a great way to make this into a vlog. This was both of our first time making a costume. We got inspired by a pic on Pinterest and we aim to get that look. I think we almost got it. But did fail on my husband outfit. But we both had fun working on this over all.
For my outfit: we used poker chips (350 plus ) and used croset as a base to stick the chips. For the skirt , we used almost 5-6 deck of cards to make the skirt. And of course for the jewelry, we used 24 dices to make the necklace as seen on the picture. Also for the tiara , we used a head band I already own and stuck three queen cards to make the head piece.

For my husband’s outfit we went with the opposite , we make the top with cards and made the bottom with chips. He’s not wearing the pants because it was such a fail.

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