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Coolest Queens of the Deck Group Costumes

My friends and I made our Homemade Queens of the Deck Group Costumes by hand for under $20 each. It was very inexpensive, fun to make, and gave us girls an opportunity to spend time together in the process. We got the idea from this website actually, we just made it in a different way. We used plain white t-shirts that we purchased at a craft store for $3 each, cut the sides of the shirts off, cut about 8 holes to lace ribbon ($3 each) up the sides of the shirts corset style to make them more fitted. We also did this to the sleeves. We bought felt (.25 cents per square, we each used 2) to cut out the shapes of the heart, diamond, spade, and club. We cut out 2 small shapes, and 1 large shape. We used fabric glue ($3.50 per bottle, we didn’t even use a half) to glue the 2 small shapes to the front of the shirt on opposing corners like a playing card. We then glued the 1 large shape on the lower back of the shirt.

We bought the crowns from a party favor store($9). We made our wands by cutting out 2 of the corresponding card suit shapes with construction paper, glued them to craft sticks that we also bought at the craft store, we got a big bag of them for $2. We then taped 2 corresponding cards to either side of the wand over the shapes we cut out. We painted our nails to match us, either red or black. The club and spade wore black leggings and shoes, and the diamond and heart wore white jeans and red shoes. These were all things we already had. I was really fun and we won the group costume category at the party we went to. I would recommend this to anyone on a budget. I turned out great and didn’t take long at all.

We did it all in only a couple hours total. I (Ashley) was the diamond, Mary Kate was the spade, Becky was the heart, Alyssa was the club.

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