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Cool Smiley vs. Evil Costume

I have a shaved head. I thought it would be funny to do a smiley face on the back of it. This made me question what to do with the front of my face. I decided on the classic Good vs Evil theme and it evolved from there. When I spotted Sponge-Bob knee high socks I realized I hadn’t thought the back side completely through. This inspired the pajama pants and clown shoes as well as the Mickey Mouse gloves.

I used my old clothes for the front. My wife’s sweatshirt for the back. I drew and spray glued the felt unicorn and teddy bear on the back. I stuffed the pink sleeves with hand towels. I stole a skeletal hand off of one of my skeletons and dangled it from my wrist with tie downs. I buttoned the sleeve over my wrist and tucked my hand in my front pocket. The green long sleeve has a sock in it to build up my wrist. I couldn’t find a good fake knife in the chest prop so I bought a fake knife and cut off the blade and painted the blade to make it more reflective. I made a bracket out of thin strip steel that I bent into a shepherds crook and hung it over my shoulder under my shirts. I made a protrusion out of the same steel and attached the knife to it.

I made fake blood out of food dye and corn syrup and pooled it around the wound. I also added a bloody hand print and spatters to my jeans and left arm. the gray and yellow skin are face paint from Walmart as well as the zipper face kit. The wrench is an old wrench I stripped and painted.

The noose was an old piece of rope I found and tied myself. I created the “M” sign on my computer from scratch and printed it on an iron on transfer sheet. The “E” sign was printed off the internet and glued to a piece of Masonite. I glued wood to the back of it and used spring clamps to grip it with the gloves. The gloves have coat hanger wire in them for posing purposes.  I also added a bracket to the back of the “E” sign that I hooked into the waistline of my jeans to keep it from sagging towards the floor. The only help I got from a friend was to apply the 2 eyes and smile on the back of my head. The paint we tried failed so he cut the eyes and mouth out of a print out and glued them to my head using spirit gum.

The teeth would not stay in my mouth so I got a bite plate from CVS and molded it to my top and bottom teeth after which I screwed the fake teeth into the plastic forms to hold them in my mouth. The hardest part was cutting the shirt and pants in half so that  the seam didn’t show from the front or back. I had to do it in front of a mirror with no help. After pinning them together and determining where I should cut I followed up with fabric glue, one segment at a time and removed the pins after it dried.

Every costume I create has one motive… Laughter. I love twisting reality and doing puns incarnated. My first success at this was my Attila the Nun costume.

Anyway… this year was a HUGE success- people were laughing, pointing, dragging other people over to see it and I spent a lot of time posing with people that wanted selfies. At one point there was a 20 minute waiting line.

I believe that of all the costumes I have made, this one is my finest. Kids and adults both loved it and I believe that it is timeless enough to use for years to come.

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