My 10 year old daughter watched Little Monsters a few weeks ago. Right after movie she tells me “mom I want to be Maurice” told her if I find the jacket in next week we will do it. A cousin of mine had a jacket from high school and sent it to me.

I cut off the sleeves, started searching eBay, Craigslist, Amazon thrift stores, military surplus stores and every store for similar buttons, medals and pins. Silver plane charms and silver stars (buttons and charms) from Hobby Lobby and Michaels sewn and glued to shoulders of vest! Used a drapery cord on one side of jacket because the actual cord he has is from military but they store didnt have the gold color in stock. Chain link from Home Depot to hang off other shoulder, painted the patches for sleeve and back of jacket on red fabric and hot glued to jacket and sleeve of shirt.

Horns paper mache on clothing hanger wire formed on headband. Bought blue bald cap, Mohawk made from a feathered boa I dyed in purple and hot glued to top of cap, warts on her face made from liquid latex and tissue paper, earring was a Halloween decoration I glued to an earring, light blue face paint all over, dark blue on warts and lips, black eyeliner around eyes, black jeans and converse to finish off the look.

Used black teeth paint to give the illusion of pointy teeth, trick or treat bag I sewed liner in a large Dorito bag. We watched the movie a minimum of 30 times over the last few weeks trying to get a good look at the costume. Not very easy since most of it filmed in the dark and Maurice is so hyper never stays still long enough to get a good look! many hours online trying to find pix of his vest. Well worth all the great reaction she received!

Horns on head: horns were shaped from wire onto a headband, paper mached and painted with tan and dark brown paint. after headband put on applies pantyhose to keep in place along with her long hair.

Bald cap: place bald cap on, cut small slits to stretch over horns and use spirit gum to adhere to face.

Large Blue moles/warts: make small balls of tissue paper roll in liquid latex and attach to face, after attached apply a little more liquid latex.

Paint face, add mohawk: paint face and head light blue, paint lips and moles dark blue, black eyeliner around eyes, hot glue feathers boa (that was dyed purple) to top of bald cap.

Patches on vest and shirt: painted patches on vest and sleeve on red fabric with acrylic paint.

Bring vest to Life: add all the medals, buttons pins, to jacket collected from ebay, craigslist, amazon, thrift stores, military surplus, Hobby Lobby, Michales.