Cool Sally and Jack Skellington Child’s Couple Costume

I have always enjoyed the movie, The Nightmare Before Christmas. Just so happens so do my kids!

So I decided to make my son Jack. I had been looking from material for awhile and never found anything I liked for Jack Skellington. I finally found the perfect one online and ordered way too much. lol. Started off by searching and searching for a toddler size pattern for a suit jacket. NOTHING. So i made one from scratch from old newspaper. It was a pain and very hard. Being my very first year making their costumes without my mothers help. I made the sleeves too short.. and pants too short.. so i had to go back and add a cuff to the arms and legs. Which I was upset about but it actually made the costume look great! Store bought the Santa hat. Added some crazy face paint that he set so perfect for and he was a hit!

I decided to make my daughter Sally. Went to the cloth store and found a simple.. yellow, black, teal and purple. I made a pattern from newspaper.. then i cut it all up in patches like her dress. I made lots of mistakes. Like sewing a sleeve inside out or even putting a too short of zipper and having to take that one out and put in a longer one so she could use the bathroom. We bought the long sleeve unitard for underneath. I had painted all the stitches on it with material bubble paint. I used that same bubble paint to make all the designs on her patches in the dress. Topped it off with a super long wig and some awesome face paint done also by me! She was a hit!

Everyone absoutly loved their costumes. Some people think I’m nuts. I just really love Halloween and giving my kids something they love and to be unique.  I have people lined up asking me to make their kids next year.

Cool Sally and Jack Skellington Child's Couple Costume

Cool Sally and Jack Skellington Child's Couple Costume