Every year we dress up in some sort of them! Since we are a family of 6 it can get difficult to think of something where we can each dress up. This year we chose  Nightmare Before Christmas because I bought an inflatable last year that was perfect for the theme! I have four kids, ages 14, 11, 6, and 6. Our 2 youngest were adopted from China in July 2012 and so this was their fourth Halloween so they have gotten used to our craziness and love it! In order here is what we did and how I made the costumes:

Jack Skellington Sr.: Jacket was sewn from a pattern. I made the huge bow tie out of black foam sheets, white fabric paint, and ribbon to tie it. I found a Jack mask at the party store but it was thin plastic and they wanted almost $20 for it so  made my own for $5! I used a styrofoam wreath circle, covered it with white felt, then cut out a huge circle from white foam paper and drew on the eyes and mouth. I cut out the eyes and glued black lace so that you could see out of the mask and added elastic strap to the back. Pants are from Goodwill and I added the stripes using white fabric puff paint.

Jack Skellington Jr: I bought the entire outfit from Goodwill-the shirt, jacket, and pants. I made the bow tie from black foam and used white puff paint for the lines. We painted his face because he preferred to not wear a mask.

Approximate cost for both costumes: $30 and they were one of a kind! People loved the costumes and everyone immediately knew what Dad and son were for Halloween this year! It’s always more fun when you make your own costume!